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This site is still under major construction. Please excuse the mess. The "Creative" page isn't up yet.

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To-Do List

  • Optimize for mobile
  • Finish image descriptions


  • Box with randomly generated quotes


  • Sticker page!
  • Write better About Me


  • Fave links list & weird links list
  • Links to friends!
  • Finish transferring resources list


  • Pink notebook page
  • Pixel art

Fanatic Dominion

  • Legend of Zelda & Linked Universe
    • Skyward Sword shrine?
    • Skyward Sword HD screenshots
  • Natsume Yuujinchou
  • Undertale & Deltarune
  • Sky: Children of the Light
  • Fanfiction recs list


  • SHEL
  • Medieval history
  • Watch as I try and fail to learn Japanese
  • Watch as I try and fail to learn German
  • Watch as I try and fail to learn ASL
  • Watch as I try and fail to pick a language to learn and stay with it longer than a couple weeks before getting sidetracked by another one before any of it sticks and thus learning a net zero of new languages


2022 May 28

2022 May 23

2022 May 15

2022 May 13

2022 May 12

  • Misc/Digital Garden - Published Digital Garden page.
  • Edited links across pages to reflect changes in file organization.
  • Links - Added sophistry to Neocities Mutuals.

2022 May 05

2022 May 04

2022 May 02

  • Updated Home page.
  • Added buttons/badges to Home page.
  • Added mutuals to Links.

2022 May 01

  • Changed guestbook to Bravenet instead of HTML Comment Box. Removed chat.
  • Rearranged Home page a bit.
  • Edited CSS for all pages; nothing visible, just making things neater behind the scenes.

2022 April 30

  • Added to Fanfiction, Artist, and Art sections of First Hero Content Archive.
  • Capitalized all author names in Fanfiction of First Hero Content Archive. Usually I try to stay true to the capitalization of the original username, but the lowercase names were messing with sorting alphabetically, so until I figure out how to change that this is the best fix.

2022 April 27