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Welcome to my digital garden

This place is part notebook, part journal, part blog. It's where I can plant down ideas, thoughts, or just about anything I find of interest that I consider worth revisiting.

Some may be planted then never visited again. Others may be revisited several times, grown and pruned over time into something beautiful. Some may even grow to the point of getting their own page of writing in the Creative page! (When I actually get around to putting that up...)

I've been lurking around the edges of the small web for a while, and first came across something of what a digital garden is at the digital essay Hypertext Gardens. Since then I've found a few slightly different ideas of what, exactly, a digital garden is. What they all have in common is that it's a personally cultivated gathering of ideas organized differently than the typical online blog.

I've never been very good at keeping up a regular diary or blog, but I still often have thoughts that I'd like to put down, so the concept appealed to me.


Illogical Logic

The past week someone close to me has had their health take a turn for the worse, from a long-term terminal condition we've known about for years. As we wait for results to tell us exactly how bad it is, it looks like we may have run out of luck, and we may have reached the begining of the end.

Seeing my family react so differently from me has me thinking on the different ways people grieve, and the illogical logic that rules human emotions.

I've never much understood when on television the stoic-straight-logic characters like Spock would call human reactions or emotions "illogical." I've spent most of my life puzzled by the actions of people around me, and while I still find my own emotions an enigma, I find the emotionally driven actions of others follow their own logic perfectly well.


Bare Feet Forever

Shoes are stupid and so are socks. I will elaborate later.

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