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Site Name URL(s) Fanfiction Fanart Theories / Discussion Other Notes
BS Zelda https://bszelda.zeldalegends.net/ No No Yes A fansite dedicated to BS Zelda games.
Desert Colossus (The) http://colossus.thefourthcomic.com/ Yes Yes Yes Music, comics, guides, etc. Inactive since 2012.
Faron Spring (The) https://rubyfire77.neocities.org/pages/zelda.html No No Yes Preservation Active.
FierceDeity https://fiercedeity.neocities.org/ No No Yes Active.
Glitterberri https://www.glitterberri.com/
[Internet Archive]
No No Yes Interviews, translations, etc. Inactive since 2017.
History of Hyrule https://historyofhyrule.com/ No Yes Yes Out-of-print publications, art, etc. Active.
Hyrule Conquest https://www.moddb.com/mods/hyrule-conquest No No No Active. A mod for "0 A.D. Empires Ascendant."
Hyrule the Land of Zelda https://htloz.net/ Yes Yes Yes Walkthroughs, interviews, etc. Inactive, archived.
Ice's Zelda Central https://icezelda.tripod.com/fans/
Yes Yes Not available Inactive.
iZelda https://www.izelda.net/ No No Yes Inactive since 2011.
Kasuto.net http://www.kasuto.net/ Yes Not available Yes Inactive since 2017.
K's Zelda Page https://www.angelfire.com/nj/kzelda/index.html Yes Yes Yes Inactive since 1999.
Legend of Cosplay (The) http://linksliltri4ce.weebly.com/ No Yes No Cosplay, merchandise collection Active.
North Castle https://northcastle.co.uk/ Yes Yes Yes Inactive since 2014.
Radio Hyrule https://radiohyrule.com/ No No No Music Active.
Zelda Dungeon https://www.zeldadungeon.net/ Yes Yes Yes Guides, news, podcast, etc. Active.
Zelda Fanfic Archive https://zeldafanfic.tripod.com/ Yes No No Inactive since 1999.
Zelda Legends https://www.zeldalegends.net/ Yes Yes Yes Guides, text dumps, wiki, etc. Active.
Zelda Maps https://zeldamaps.com No No No Maps Active.
Zelda Universe https://zeldauniverse.net/ No No Yes Maps, soundtracks, etc. Active.
Zelda Wiki https://zelda.fandom.com/wiki/Main_Page No No Yes Wiki Active.
Zelda Xtreme https://www.zeldaxtreme.com/ No No Yes Active.
Zelda's Palace https://www.zeldaspalace.com/ No Yes Yes Music, maps, walkthroughs, etc. Active.
ZREO https://zreosq.com/ No No No Music Active.


Site Name URL(s) Description
Wind Fish (The) http://fan.greenhype.net/linksawakening/ Fanlisting for Link's Awakening.
Zero Sum http://rabanastre.org/zero/ Fanlisting for Twilight Princess.
Eternal Hero (The) https://www.celes.net/link/ Fanlisting for Link.
Princess of Destiny https://www.celes.net/zelda/ Fanlisting for Zelda.
Linked by Fate https://www.celes.net/fate/ Fanlisting for the relationship of Link & Zelda.
The Legend of Zelda Fanlisting http://zelda.perfectdrug.net/ Fanlisting for the Legend of Zelda series.
Shadow of Hyrule https://lost-boy.org/impa/ Fanlisting for Impa.
DAWN https://lost-boy.org/mm/ Fanlisting for Majora's Mask.
Open Boundaries https://fan.shattered-memories.org/botw/ Fanlisting for Breath of the Wild.
Rito's Destiny (A) https://fan.shattered-memories.org/medli/ Fanlisting for Medli from Wind Waker.
Waiting For You https://fan.shattered-memories.org/linksaria/ Fanlisting for the relationship of Link & Saria.
Continuum http://zelda.shattered-memories.org/continuum/ Fanlisting for Ocarina of Time.
Melodies of Time https://fan.shattered-memories.org/melody/ Fanlisting for the OST of Ocarina of Time.