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This page has spoilers for Skyward Sword. (Yes, I am giving a spoiler warning for a game over ten years old...)

The first Link from the Skyward Sword manga (also commonly referred to as "First," especially in the context of LU) has limited content compared to other Links in LoZ or LU. As part of this niche fandom, I thought it would be nice to gather as much of that content to one place as possible.

This is, of course, a work in progress, and far from an exhaustive list.

If you know of any First content that isn't here, know more information on artists or creators mentioned here, or see any content here that shouldn't be, please let me know by messaging me me on Tumblr or Discord, or leaving a comment in the Guestbook.

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The first hero is in no way canon to the larger LoZ series, but we can dream.

  • Hyrule Historia Manga
  • The first hero has only has one "official" appearance within LoZ media, in a 30-page manga by Akira Himekawa at the back of Hyrule Historia. Akira Himekawa is actually a pseudonym for a pair of artists. They're responisble for most of the LoZ mangas, most recently for Twilight Princess.

    As Hyrule Historia was released around the same time of the game, they didn't even know anything about the game except the bare details they were given, leading to strange inconsistancies between the manga and the game such as the Master Sword appearing in its final form before it would have been forged in the game.

    You can read the manga [here] or [here].

  • Mention in Skyward Sword
  • Screenshot from Skyward Sword. You know, they say that the goddess gave the Sailcloth to her chosen hero long ago.

    It should be noted this only references a chosen hero being known "long ago" before the events of the game, and does not necessarily reference the specific hero portrayed in Himekawa's manga. (In fact it's almost certainly not, as the manga is an original story of the Himekawa duo and they had no hand in the games development.)

    A popular theory is that the hero mentioned here is actually Skyward Sword Link himself (who I'll refer to as "Sky" from this point forward to more easily differentiate him from the first Link in the manga), due to the time travel that takes place. However, Sky only time travelled to a point after Skyloft had already been raised. If this reference is to a hero who fought with Hylia in the demon war, it's impossible for that hero to be Sky, and in this case First would be a more probable answer.

    That said, nowhere in the game, even in the opening narration, does it mention a hero fighting specifically before Skyloft was raised. There's nothing to indicate if the hero Zelda mentions was before or after Skyloft was raised, meaning that both First and Sky remain probable candidates to be this hero. So while this quote gives a sliver of validation to fans of the manga such as myself, it doesn't guarantee the existence of a hero before Sky, let alone that hero being First.

    I believe that the hero mentioned was intended to be Sky travelling around the past. But given Nintendo's own fluid approach to canonicity and the timeline, I consider both interpretations to be equally valid. Personally, as you've probably guessed from the existence of this page, I prefer to go with the version of events with First. It opens more interesting opportunities for worldbuilding, and adds depth to Hylia as a character that isn't delivered through Zelda. It also allows for a Legend of Zelda story to exist that brings up complicated, darker themes that aren't usually allowed to be adressed so explicitely in the series (though are certainly there for those who look for them).

Discord Servers

  • The First Hero Brainrot Crew
  • A Discord server dedicated to the first hero! And also where I spend 90% of my time on Discord.

  • First Simp Associates
  • Another first hero dedicated server. This one is older and larger than the Brainrot Crew, but as far as I can tell has less content being actively made.

  • Linked Universe Species Swap AU
  • A server for an AU of Linked Universe where all the boys are a different species, and First shows up. While this server isn't explicitly First themed, I placed it here instead of Honorable Mentions because the First content apparently outnumbers the rest.

Honorable Mentions

  • Linked Universe
  • Linked Universe is a popular ongoing Links-meet AU comic on Tumblr. First hasn't shown up yet, but there are theories that he will, so First content will occasionally pop up on the server.

  • Mina's Linkverse
  • Mina's Linkverse, similar to Linked Universe, is a Links-meet Tumblr comic. While First himself doesn't exactly show up, there's a character who clearly references him. The Discord server is currently closed to new members.


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Author Title Word Count Summary Notes

(FHRC = first hero related content)

Azelda_Scroggs (Azalea_Scroggs) And My Eyes Are Open 35,368

Link, a talented Knight of Hylia, receives omens of a terrifying future from the White Goddess herself. Decided to save his beloved land from destruction, he does his best to warn his peers and convince the city's leaders of making the necessary changes to prevent the disaster. But his path is a lonely and difficult one, for what can one man do against a multitude determined to ignore the uncomfortable truth?

Azelda_Scroggs (Azalea_Scroggs) The Imprint of Dust Where his Feet Once Trod 2,663

“Link!” Orville shouted. “Jump into the light! Quick!”

But Link only staggered, holding his left side tightly. His tunic was covered in blood, and Orville knew.


Leaving the rising Skyloft only to spend Link’s last moments by his side, Orville makes a shaking and profoundly changing encounter...

Inspired by this artwork by RaeBlynn.

Azelda_Scroggs (Azalea_Scroggs) Touch the scars of your soul 9,304

He seemed to be on an island, but there was no sea around, just cliffs that seemed to plunge into nothing. Wondering if his eyesight had yet to return to him fully, he rose to his feet. He came closer to the edge, his legs shaky like a newborn foal's.

There, underneath the island, as far as the eye could see, was an immense mantle of clouds.

Goodbye, dear hero... Live well.

Azelda_Scroggs (Azalea_Scroggs) Sparks of light on shattered glass 6,016

The war may have been won, humans may have been saved and Skyloft raised to the sky, but the larger task of mourning and rebuilding remains to be done. Peace has cost such a heavy price it is hard to feel victorious, and the city's blacksmith feels it more than anybody else. Too many regrets weigh down on him when he thinks about Link, Link who was left behind under the clouds, Link that he lost a second and last time, Link who, through all this time and all these hardships, never knew Orville's greatest secret and the truth of his heart.

Written with the prompts of the Legend of Zelda Rareship Week 2021 around the theme "Mirrors."

Hawkeye-song Open the Door 3,319

While waiting to be reincarnated into Zelda, Hylia's guilty soul has locked itself into a dungeon, in which she relives all of her moments with Link and Demise. Oneshot, rated because of mild violence and depression.

Tuxedo_Elf Colour the Scars Brightly 5,641

The First Hero hasn't been with them all that long. But Wind is frustrated at how withdrawn and secretive their newest Link is and sets out to discover exactly what's going on.

AU/ First Hero with the LU boys. Mild angst plus fluff.

Tuxedo_Elf From Ashes to Flowers 1,667

Reborn after millennia, the First Hero gets chance to talk with his successor, to whom he owes a great debt. He also reunites with a very old friend. ;)

Hfanjoy1 What it Takes to be a Hero 3,198

The Links travel to a Hyrule they don't recognize, however Sky knows the layout of this new land. Why does it seem so similar to the forest on the surface?

Or, the Links meet the First Hero.

Tuxedo_Elf Spirit of the Sky 1,019

The wandering spirit of the First Hero meets a young boy bearing his name.

Tuxedo_Elf On a Wing and a Prayer 2,893

Link, once a Knight of Hylia, languishes in a cold, dark dungeon, unsure if he will ever be free. His only light is the nameless woman who visits his dreams.

Based on the Prequel manga in Hyrule Historia, a story of the First Hero and his Goddess.

SkyLeaf Echoes from the Beyond 9,039

Throughout Link’s adventures, the Hero was little more than a whisper, the faint sense of having seen it all before that filled him when he first opened his eyes and saw the clouds above him.

But he was there, bound both to her and to the land.

Cavalierious Hylia's Requiem 926

Her hero is dead. Hylia aches, her heart burns for the boy who’d become her hero. She’s never known such pain, this unwanted feeling that wracks her heart.

TheShadowEclipse Hylia's Requiem 3,902

Eons have passed since the ancient war between Demise and Hylia's forces. Countless lives were lost, including the life of Hylia's Chosen Hero. Now that she has been reincarnated as a mortal, what becomes of them both? Post-Skyward Sword & Prequel Manga

Azelda_Scroggs (Azalea_Scroggs) Touch the scars of your soul 9,304

He seemed to be on an island, but there was no sea around, just cliffs that seemed to plunge into nothing. Wondering if his eyesight had yet to return to him fully, he rose to his feet. He came closer to the edge, his legs shaky like a newborn foal's.

There, underneath the island, as far as the eye could see, was an immense mantle of clouds.

Goodbye, dear hero... Live well.

Nendil Everlasting Ballad 13,073 "My beloved beauty, your hair is like a rain cloud, drenching my heart.
In dreams I feast on your radiance, but when I wake you are so far away.
See the rain that pours from the sky, they are all my tears that spill for you."

An expanded retelling of the Skyward Sword prequel manga.

AndelynKinsey Red and White 18,140

A young Goddess, left behind by her elders and forced to watch as the land she loves suffers under a siege of darkness. A courageous knight, torn down and betrayed by the very people he had sworn to defend. Only together can they defeat the darkness threatening to consume them all.

AuroraRebellion Undeniable 1,379

Hylia and her Hero share a moment together, and Hylia would rather like a kiss.

Gildedswords close to gold 1,379

It had been then, kneeling against the soft forest floor, praying for the strength and courage of his soldiers, that he had felt her presence. He’d been praying for nearly an hour, the full moon guiding him, when her hand had gently rested on his shoulder. It had been warm to the touch, filling his spirit with its radiance. When he’d opened his eyes and looked up, she had stood there before him. He’d met her gaze with a smile, and she’d smiled back, brilliantly.

Hello, Link, she’d murmured, running her fingers through his blonde hair. My loyal knight. Yes, I’ve heard your prayers.

Cavalierious Kismet 2,648

As Zelda blesses the Master Sword at the Gate of Time, tender thoughts are shared. Written for Fated: A Zelink Zine. Complete.

GeekyIdiotCas We Meet Again 2,100

Impa sat there and watched as her old friend's reincarnation went on his destined journey, thinking back to when she was friends with Hylia's Chosen Hero.

Also known as; Come on, we all know past!Impa and Hylia'sChosenHero!Link were besties during the Ancient War, admit it.

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Raylin Shire (RaeBLynn) toss another stone (watch the ripples fade) [series] 19,280

"Regardless of whether you are humans or gods... truly, you use me whenever it suits you."

He had lived (died) this cycle countless times. He didn't know how many eons it had been (ghosts had no need for time, after all), how many times he'd watched his own reincarnated spirit fight the same battle. Did it matter anymore, how things had started? (After the water has stilled, does it still matter that a stone had been tossed at all?)

Mintyfreshness stages 2,507

the seven stages of grief:
i. shock and denial
ii. pain and guilt
iii. anger and bargaining
iv. reflection and loneliness
v. calmness and collection
vi. reconstruction and working through
vii. acceptance and hope

Bookwrm389 (Orphan_account) Bonds Both Eternal and Unbreakable 12,990

With the memories of her former life returning to her, Zelda journeys through the Gate of Time to the distant past, there to begin her vigil over the seal that holds Demise. But first she must regain the last of her memories as the White Goddess. Precious memories which Hylia held close to her heart and which she could entrust to only one man.

Skindock the red fabric tied to the pillar 1,524

an au where first, orville, and hylia are sky's parents -- hylia has sent sky out onto his first journey to save zelda.

Orphan_account Bitch. (affectionate) 646 koji: bitch
hugo: bitch
gawyn: ...bitch
orville: bitch.
first: bitch (affectionately)

Scarf Squad Chatfic.

Navi_N0va Take to the Skies 4,441

The life of Hylia's Chosen Hero before his servitude to the Goddess Hylia is unknown. Surely, the First Hero must have had friends, or a family. What happened to him leading up to his four year imprisonment? What was he thinking in the middle of the war against the Demon King?

[Fic features heavy speculation and headcanon for a oneshot manga that isn't even canon. This fic is a MASSIVE WIP, so for the time being, chapters will be very short as I get my writing across. I hope you enjoy the process as I figure things out, and perhaps the writing will change as certain systems and ideas become solidified.]

CookieWaffle The First Time I Saw You 5,043

Every relationship has it’s beggining, even ones that seem as old as time.

When he first saw her, he knew nothing of their fate, but he sensed that nothing would ever be the same.

Liv_andletdie Finale 1,260

The hero had reached his inevitable end. He had fought bravely and loved dearly but at the finale it was all for naught. He would receive no reward, no accolade, no grand happy ending. It was his destiny to give his life to the land.

SpicyChestnut Deepest Love and Endless Courage 2,189

A re-imagining of the first battle with Demise, and the events which led the Goddess Hylia to shed her divinity for the sake of her chosen hero. Based on the pre-SS manga in the Hyrule Historia. Long-form poem, written for ZeLink Zine. HyLink.

TriFrog77 The Making of a Queen 269,228

Will communication break down and this new life fracture apart old ways or will it build up and create something valuable for the future? Heavy ZeLink emphasis -cute romantic. Mature/deep themes. See intro for a better summary.

FHRC is through memories and flashbacks, doesn't pick up until later in the story
Nendil [Art] Zelink Week 2021 prompts 5,641 1. facade - crystal castles, masquerades (Ocarina of Time)
2. beasts - wolves, dragons (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate)
3. flight - loftwings, free falling (Skyward Sword)
4. trust - broken, forged (A Link Between Worlds)
5. domesticity - hearts, family
6. abnormality - malice, timeline alteration (Breath of the Wild/Hyrule Warriors)
7. mortality - forsaken fates, lost eternities (Skyward Sword prequel manga)
FHRC in chapter 6
The-Hero-Rinku The Realm of Hylia 18,580

A story based on the manga: The Legend of Zelda, Skyward Sword Prequel. This tale takes a more in-depth look into what was spoken within the manga, and the character that we have come to know.

Hylianramen Five, Six, Seven, Eight- 13,168

A couple of one shots I've been working on in my free time! Only five for now, might add more if I feel up to it!

The Links have grown to care about each other, no matter how much they don't want to admit it. No matter what happens, they'll want to stay be each other's side.

FHRC in chapter 1
Thephilosophersapprentice Fairytale 1,307

In a quiet village in Hyrule, a wandering bard tells the story of Hylia and the first hero.

An alternate beginning for the Legend of Zelda, inspired by Heather Dale's "White Rose."

Jeru_Skyrider Hylian, Fairy, Monster, Hero 21,542

There were places you could hide, if you wanted to. Dark places, bright places, hidden places--all the usual suspects. Which is what made his hiding place so perfect: it was none of these. He knew of a few others like himself, but not many; shapeshifting was fun that way, hiding good folk where none of those who hunted them would think to look for them. He could hide in plain sight, and even other monsters believed him to be either merely Hylian, or else merely one of them.

After all, no one would suspect the actual Hero to have been born as one of the Eyes of Ganon.

FHRC is tagged and has been teased by the author
TheSentientPotato A Seal of Wood 3,069

After the events of LU, First returns home only to find that in his absence rumors spread like wildfire.

Rick_KTish There May Not Be Meaning 1,208
TwilightHour The Cryptid of Linked Universe: Hero's Spirit [series] 14,924

Linked Universe.
The Spirit of The Hero.
Dimensional Links.


Ahrva In the Land of Hyrule, all of their Legends are in threes 1,272 Three Golden Goddesses.
Three parts of the Triforce.
And a Battle with Three people.
Din, Nayru, and Farore.
Power, Wisdom, and Courage.
King, Princess, and Hero.
So tell me, in the great war that marked the start of the Cycle of Rebirth, why were there only two beings that were at war?
Who was the third?
And where were they?
InnerGlow11 Broken Chain 1,789

Write-Off Prompt: secret reveal gone right

FlamingIdiot The Face of My Father 39,703

Finding out that Warriors is a father is a hard blow to take when Sky has never seen what a father was like before. Legend and Dawn had discussed something about his own father before, but Sky doesn't know anything about the man except that he disappeared years ago while trying to make the surface world safe again.

But then Legend's bunny-merchant of a friend leads them towards what they all think it a monster camp, only for the Chain of Links to find themselves in another country altogether, one that might have the answers that Sky gave up seeking years ago.

Now playing: Sky and Wars have a bit of a heart to heart, and Sky is faced with the realization that he may or may not be a dad at this point.

Continued in: Hylia's Grace

Part 3 of a series. This is the work with the most FHRC, though it is hinted at and mentioned throughout
Bookdragon1013 a trail of shattered glass [series] 14,067

When things started, it was golden and happy. Smiles, confidence, family. They were learning, loving—they were whole.

When it ended, bodies littered the blood-soaked ground, the body of a hero among them.
Those who survived were stranded in the sky, left behind with grieving hearts and lives far too broken to mend.

This is how it happened.

Orphan_account Linked Universe Oneshots 1,093
Rose_writes_shit Message Sent 8,062 Father Time: are you stupid? You all use the f word all the time
Gremlin™: oh my goddess he censored it
salt: say Fuck old man
Cap’n Crunch: yeah Time
Smithy: do it Time. Say fuck

Or in which the LU gang has Social Media and they are having way to much fun

Dragon_of_Dreams (Re)Learning How to Draw 5,132

After being imprisoned for over four years, Link finds himself weakened and struggling to wield a sword along with his fellow Heroes. As a spar with the youngest hero goes wrong, frustrations go over his mind, wishing he'd be able to recover as fast as he could.

Four got an unexpected plan. After all, it is said that the pencil is mightier than the sword.

Aethernight How It All Began... 2,451

Gather 'round as we tell the story of Hylia and the First God. How they fought back the demons and fell in then out of love. Learn about their relationship, and discover the secret of the miracle Hylia has created.

This is based on a Fantasy Prince au I made with my sister Tynittta, who you can find on Instagram! This is the first part of what could eventually become a much larger story!

SkywardLove (Orphan_account) Legend of Zelda Oneshots 2,366

Legend Of Zelda Oneshots from all games!

SkywardLove (Orphan_account) A Secret Held In The Darkness (OneShots) 1,665

Sky has been keeping too many secrets for too long. He's in love with Dark Link but also has feelings for Twilight and Wars? But it was too late to tell anyone before he made the worst choice ever: He now carries the burden of being the Fierce Deity's host.

In chapter 2 may contain some Sky x Wars. It will be marked rape for that. Not a long scene, bt will still be marked rape fro now and later chapters.

Loveroftime Hero choosen by fate 4,411

After a great journey to check on sky hylians First encounters a suspicion of ruins and encounters the danger himself. First must defeat the villain known as Dark link to save his fellow's Hyrules from the evil that hides inside the Calamity and corruption.

Corfidbizna SS Manga 6,765

A narrative adaptation of the Skyward Sword manga in the back of Hyrule Historia. Hopefully, this will allow people to "read" the manga even if they can't read japanese. This narrative has been divided into several parts to make it easier, this is the prologue.

I've only linked the prologue, the other chapters are linked there. The word count listed is total for all the chapters together.
Loveroftime A blessed curse 3,784

After some time,the princess has been asleep for almost a year from dark link's curse until one day it all changed.

Freindly reminder this is goes far more than romance, it's 17/18+ meaning there will be nsfw in some chapters

Loveroftime Dark ages 5,476
Raylin Shire (RaeBLynn) If You’re Made of Stardust, Then What Am I? 329

They say that Farore crushed the stars to create life.

Ingie Fortitude 265,259

Nearly fifteen years after Ocarina of Time, Link and Zelda struggle to preserve political peace after their controversial marriage. But when disaster strikes, Zelda finds herself facing far more than political turmoil...

Not First focused, but he makes an appearance
ThirteenthHr selfishness 112

The gods mourn selfishly and with violence.

Raylin Shire (RaeBLynn) Inchoate 3,013

The group of Links hadn't been together very long, but Legend was fairly certain the nine of them were the full extent of how many would be pulled into this strange cross-temporal adventure.

He's wrong.


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