Raylin Shire

Thank you for taking the time to visit, I know there's not much here right now, but things are starting to come together!

About Feymire Glen

Feymire Glen is a fantasy realm I created. It's a place where faerie creatures and mortals alike can seek sanctuary. A place for those wandering or lost. A safe haven that sits between worlds rather than hills. It lies at the space between waking and sleeping. It sits at the horizon the moment the sun sets. While there are a few permanent residents, nearly everybody who sets foot there is someone passing through, seeking a moment of peace. Here, darkness is not frightening, but protection from unwanted eyes. A refuge, but not one without defenses. Any who come here with ill-intent best be wary of things that lie just out of sight.

Feymire isn't a very dramatic fantasy world, but it is a world very dear to my heart. It's form has changed over the years, but it's function as a safe space of creativity and freedom has not. Something I hope the new space I'm building here will share, which is why i decided to name the site after it.

Since I would love to put down some of the Feymire lore that has been bouncing in the back of my head for years, I've decided instead of a regular blog to write as if from the perspectives of the people in Feymire. (The blog has now been renamed Feymire Journal, and I've switched to Zonelets which is much easier than doing everything manually every time. Well, Zonelets still requires a fair bit of manual HTML, but still a much smoother process than what I had going on before.)

I would also like to note that, while I may make more pages dedicated to Feymire Glen lore in the future, for now the journal will be the only place I write "in character."