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#fandom #fear #loz/lu

2022/05/15 #fear

The sky is covered in clouds glowing orange from the sun behind them. I drive a truck down a long, straight dusty road, fields of tall grass on either side. In the passenger seat is a friend and accomplice. I can't stop checking the mirrors and looking over my shoulder. The road is empty for miles ahead and behind us, but that doesn't mean anything when it comes to those who are after us.

If they catch us, there will be no second chances. Fear coils deep in my chest, but as much as the thought terrifies me, I would do it all again.

2022/05/13 #fandom #loz/lu

The Chain Finds a Wild Ravio!

The Linked Universe gang wandered around a cheerful forest with tall trees. They split in two groups to explore, and the goup with Twilight, Hyrule, Wind, and Four come across a child in a magenta bunny hood; it's a young Ravio.

Little Ravio is understandably wary of being approached by several armed strangers, but they coax him out of hiding. Ravio is fascinated by the trees and clean water, he and Hyrule chat about how different it is from their worlds, making everyone else concerned for their wellbeing.

The other group rejoins them, Legend being very awkward and unsure of how to interact with this version of his unsolicited roommate. It's adorable.

They keep moving and come across what appears to be a large cottage. It's Legend's house. They leave Little Ravio at a table upstairs with Sky, the rest of them going downstairs to snoop as Legend grabs some things. Events of the Ravio comic ensue.

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