It's Autumn Here (Vik)

The trees are crowned with red, though it was still the early days of spring when I left. The muddy, barren time of spring when the snow is gone but nothing has bloomed yet.

Actually, it was about the time of year for that human joke day Tal was always excited for. That's the only reason I haven't ruled out this being a prank. Though, changing the seasons and time of day is a bit far, and far beyond Tal's abilities. He would have needed a third of the Court to be in on it, and few find human affairs as amusing as he does... let alone enough to go that far against the natural order for a goofy holiday.

So no, this isn't one of his pranks. Probably. I might have thought it was the Unseelie Court, if I didn't know better. The chilly weather and twilit sky certainly fit their status quo. But the air would be more biting to me if this was indeed some hidden corner of the Unseelie Court. The very landscape would be turning against me. But it's... surprisingly nice here. The air is a bit chilly, yes, but not uncomfortable. There is a field of flowers, and beyond that a grove of trees. Far too pleasant for either of the Courts.

More likely that I have unintentionally wandered into one of the lost realms Garnet mentioned. In that case, I shouldn't worry about getting back on time. Time doesn't mean much in places like this, regardless of when I leave, a moment or an age could have passed.

...I might take my time finding a way back. It's nice here. I wouldn't mind staying a while.